What Women Want?


I came across an enthralling and insightful tale in a children story book. The story was based on a theme – “what do women want?”. To keep the long story short, I would like to frame the abbreviated form of the anecdote something like this:

King Arthur and his knights were on an extremely benevolent quest, rescuing the women in distress and fighting for their justice. During that course, King Arthur became inquisitive for a question – what do women want? He inquired this question to as many women as possible. He received innumerable responses, such as happiness, love, money, house, family, laughter, joy, etc., but none of the answer could satiate king’s avidity. After few days, one gruesome old hag encountered him to offer the authentic answer in exchange of a reward. King Arthur accepted her offer hesitantly and requested her to reveal the answer. The old lady replied, “Women want their own way”. Her disclosure echoed in king’s ear. The king realized that he had his answer. As professed, he asked the lady to name the reward. The king was confounded to know that the lady wanted to marry a knight. The king was not able to envisage an alliance between any of his knights and this grotesque lady. Then forthwith, Gawain, one of his most courteous knights, volunteered to accept the offer to uphold the honor of the king’s words. The wedding was announced, but the atmosphere at the wedding and the feast was not at all jubilant because everybody was remorseful for Gawain plight. Even Gawain started feeling doomed and did not wish to look at his bride. After the wedding, Gawain was flabbergasted to find that his horrid looking wife had turned into a dazzling woman, Grace. He discovered that Grace was actually a beautiful lady who was spellbound by a terrible enchantment, which is already half-broken after the marriage. But the aftermath of the remaining curse was that Grace could remain in beauteous avatar either in day or in night. So she asked Gawain to make a selection. Gawain replied decorously that it should be her decision as it was her existence and that every woman should have her own way. Gawain had hit the right nail. Immediately after his impeccable proclamation, Grace’s spell was broken completely. Gawain thanked his stars for bestowing him such a cogitative and ravishing wife like Grace. And the story concluded with the conventional tagline “..and they lived happily ever after…”

Well, this story prompted me to think more about the question. In that attempt, I made a search in internet for the keywords “What do women want?” and instantly my screen was overwhelmed with profusely captivating results.  I observed that more than 60% of the articles flaunted the headings such as “what does a woman want from men?”, “what does a woman want from life?”,  “…want from parents?”, “want from ….” etc..

Those headings manifested the idea that women want something from everyone in her life in order to survive. Or in other words, women have developed a sense of reliance on others for her reinforcement. Women, who are independent, cognizant, and competent on one hand, cannot act so vulnerable on the other hand. You do not need to WANT FROM someone so and so? You need to decide what you want from yourself. Apprehend the meaning of “live life your own way” without seeking other’s approval and validation.


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The more you expect from someone, the more you are aggrieved.

The more you want from someone, the more you are overthrown.


Ladies, be the master of your own life and the planner of your destiny. Live life of your own volition!!


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