Short films are here to stay and this list of Indian short films will blow your mind away

The era of short movies has begun and it's here to stay
Whether you are an aspiring actor, cinematographer, script writer, or someone who just wants to own the set by crying out loud “lights, camera, and action”, the reverie of being a part of a movie might always be trickling your senses. You are then fortunate to be in the era of short movies. In a world full of struggles where getting a break into a movie or a full-length feature film requires not only differentiable talent but also a pinch of luck, short movies could be a respite to those who wants to remain connected to their field of expertise. With affordable budget, amenities, and technologies, one can now realise their dream of making their own movies or at least one can take a baby step towards the destination. Although these movies do not get their share of multiplexes or any cinema screens, but the door of small screens in form of social media and plethora of internet sites are open for these reels. Moreover, these films are also recognised in film awards where they are appreciated and screened before prominent personalities.
Short movies, a feature film of duration 40 minutes or less as defined by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, have been gaining momentum from past half a decade. The rising popularity could be attributed to the profusely mushrooming entertainment technological platforms. These power-packed movies have everything that a full-length movie could offer – a compelling story line, mighty act, convincing cinematography, a mellow screenplay or any other essential element that you could count for a feature film.
If our very first Hindi feature film Raja Harishchandra were made in today’s era, it would have been categorised as a short-movie owing to its 40 minutes running time. In other words, we could also say that the eon of short movies is as old as the Indian motion picture. Although now a single short-movie is not considered capable enough to gather crowd in silver screens, some contemporary directors have given short movies their due respect by merging some equal length movies into one to make it a full-length movie; Bombay Talkies, an anthology of four short movies and Das Kahaniyaan, an anthology of ten short films are some great examples of the compendium. In recent days, slick and veteran movie stars have also been associating themselves with the short-movies and hence adding to the growing popularity of such movies. This trend is auspicious to those who are trying to set their foot in the film-making business.
While walking on the lane of short-length films, I am listing here some of the best short movies, and also my favorite, made in contemporary sands. Without counting myself in the league of distributors of spoiler-alerts, I would only mention the common points of all these listed movies. They all have well-shaped story lines with justified plots, brilliant actors with plausible motives, and no place for any nonsensical time-killing elements.
With her mind blowing acting, Tisca Chopra is going to leave you jaw-dropped in her award winning thriller. Caveat: watch till the end to unravel the knot.

Going Home
The most innocent beauty of Bollywood today, Alia Bhatt passes a strong message to the society with the help of her master-stoke acting and the grasping plot of women safety.

A Sujoy Ghosh directed this suspense is of its kind. The sonsy story-line delivers a stronger punch of thriller than a full-length movie. All the three lead characters do full justice with their responsibility to levitate the film to a next level.


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That Day After Everyday
This Radhika Apte lead movie awakens the sleeping mind of women who are still dependent emotionally and physically to the patriarchal society. It definitely calls for action to be self-independent and build the will power.

Recycle Mind
Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s this movie will demand you to kneel down before his acting. Apart from the powerhouse act, the movie has got the sensitive plot, addressing unemployment and staggering grit to make quick money by any means, with a touch of humour.

This is another suspense movie in the list which is bound to cause goose bumps. The riveting plot is going to leave you in two minds about the lead character. By the end of the movie, you are going to hate and love her too.

No matter what the genre you choose, the Indian short-movies guild has got enough to satiate your interest.

Keep watching, keep getting inspired!!


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  1. Chutney, Ahalya are wows… great suggestions. With the likes of these suggested movies short films are here to achieve zenith. A great way to share ideas and provoke thoughts.

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