These comedians deserve a standing ovation

Comedy is an art


They can leave you looking grotesque with your mouth wide open as you guffaw, your body trembling with amusing rhythm, your jaws writhing in pain, and eyes dribbling tears. When they are at work, you would find yourself laughing beyond a measure. We call those irresistible creatures ‘comedians‘. They are the master of their words, the experts who know how to spruce the laughter-platter with jocosity, jibes, punches, and rendition. They are such magicians who just transport their audience to a virtual world devoid of mundane anxieties.

Comedy as a form of art had found its root in Greek in 400 BC and propagated to United Kingdom around 18th century. India started acknowledging this art-form around early 1950s when the legendary comedians exposed the humorous element of stories on silver screens – when Johnny Walker attracted people for getting a head message via the song ‘sar jo tera chakraye‘, when Mehmood justified his dark complexion in ‘hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain‘, or when Kishore Kumar helped Sunil Dutt to persuade his lady love in Padosan – people fell in love with the concept of comedy and instantly put their favorite comedian stars on pedestal.
With changing time, this art form also molded itself into shifting variations. During 1980s, the comedians started breaking the confinement of silver screen and jumped on stages where they entertained right before their cheering audience. The award for pioneering the on-stage comedy, also known as ‘stand-up’ comedy now a days, could undoubtedly and unanimously credited in favor of Johnny Lever who proved to be a trend-setter in the landscape of Indian comedy. He himself and his on-stage comic persona lured more and more artists in this field. Later, the major change was visible when Indian television took interest in expanding the horizon of comedy by launching the Indian Laughter Challenge show exclusively for comedians. This instigated a riot of comedy on various platforms – on screen, off screen, and on stage. There emerged many prominent names; Kapil Sharma, Raju Shrivastva, Bharti Singh, are to name a few.
With a profusion of Internet platforms, the entertainers started taking refuge to the technological advancements. Due to this emergence, many other names surfaced who are now taking the social media such as Youtube and Facebook by storm.
While rejoicing the work of those talents, we cannot fail to acknowledge some of those most cherished comedians here.


The best comedians of India

A copywriter turned comedian, she is witty, sarcastic, vivacious, and an outstanding animator. With her bubbly personality, this Delhi girl will swipe you with a flash to the world of laughter. It just takes fraction of seconds to bind a connection with Mallika and her hilarity. Coming from a family of media and journalism, she found her calling in the field of comedy. Within short span of time, her videos started making rounds on the internet. Today, Mallika is one of the greatest femidian of our time and has got loads of assignments and advertisements in her kitty.
Just watch these killer specimen and you will know what I am talking about. Brace yourself to watch Mallika showing her rags to her HR and then advising how to get a boyfriend.

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The best comedians of India

The Bangalore-based comedian, Kenny Sebastian is a young sensation who can make anyone rolling-on-floor with his puns. His real-life observations accumulated by visiting many cities of India added into his repertoire of gags and gigs. He has traveled around the world and gathered name, fame and millions of followers just in few years. The Youtube is rife with his hilarious acts, but if you have to give a start, then give these videos a try. You can never have enough of Kenny Sebastian.
Enjoy his tangy and crisp presentation of India’s middle-class family and then his jibe at Indian parents and their economical attitude. 


The best comedians of India

This Mumbaikar has got a knack for doing dark comedy. With his eccentric comic-style, satire, and the choice of socially controversial topics, Daniel Fernandes has been successful in establishing a name in the comic world. It’s difficult for a social issue to escape from under the nose of Daniel. What cannot be understood in essays can be revealed in his satirical comical stunts.
Have a look by yourself. In his videos below, he first teases the Nobel Peace prize and then swiftly shifts to the topic of marital rape. The taboo subject suddenly seems fluid when uttered by Daniel.



The best comedians of India 

This CEO’s Got Talent. Securing a management degree from Manchester Business School and after having a stint as CEO of a family owned computer business, Atul Khatri on one fine day of 2011 decides to walk the path led by his heart and found himself standing on the set of comedy. His actual career started since then. There is not a genre in comedy – black comedy, blue comedy, satire, sarcasm, corporate comedy, and you get it – that is not untouched by Atul Khatri.
Every time social media went insane when he spoke incessantly, whether on the topic of Pakistani actors ban or when he mocked Bollywood’s movie making 


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The best comedians of India

The homepage of flashes an interesting introduction of a comic passionate.
Rahul Subramanian is a 29 years old married man from Mumbai, who happens to be a struggling brand manager by day and a stand up comedian by night. He somehow graduated from IMT Ghaziabad in 2009 and is still surprised on how we managed to do that, while his father remain disappointed that he could not make it to IIMs, or at least SP Jain, or at worst MDI…”
His strength is his voice, his stage-presence persona, and fast wittily speaking style. He is a black horse of comedy universe.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present you Rahul Subramanian stating the miserable story of his MBA plus heartbreak followed by his joyride experience of Chembur monorail journey.


The best comedians of India

The 29 years old, the writer, presenter, and comedian, Zakir Khan, from Indore became an overnight star after winning the Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand Up Comedian competition. He is an active member of ‘On Air with AIB’.
He has amassed huge amount of followers for his Youtube channel. His titillating punches are the life of his acts, take his performance in these videos for example where his urge of establishing reputation and his sad moments of failing in exam will leave you tickled.


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