The hullabaloo of unseemly period-movies and muddled junta

The row over Rani Padmavati

Mr. hawk-eyed gets furious by the alleged distorted facts of a period-movie and decides to teach a lesson by planting a slap on the face of the movie-maker Mr. know-it-all. People get divided – some support the former and some the later. Mr. hawk-eyed expects a gallantry award for his act and Mr. know-it-all expects sympathy and protection from the PMO.

It’s depressing to see misleading information on silver screens. It’s equally pathetic to see hypocrites gaining public support for their insane acts. It’s even more disappointing to see famous people, whom we mistakenly call “influencers”, trying to get their biggest scoop from the heap of mess by infusing unnecessary inflammatory jargon – hindu, muslim, terrorist, hindu terrorist, muslim terrorist, or any other ghee-in-fire type words, which can instigate a communal difference. Boss, where are you taking the whole scene? It doesn’t even deserve so much drama. Keep those psychic melodrama within the confinement of your lunatic movie plots. People consider you influencers, so please choose your words with caution. This is India, not the set of “Raman Raghav 2.0”.

If someone has issue with the content of the movie, go protest in front of Censor Board of Film Certification to prevent its release, go boycott such movies from multiplexes, but do not put your hypocrisy on display. You got so much energy? Then go stop the maddening crimes happening with women of your own place, your own country. Go do something to add respect to your women.

SLB, or any other movie-maker for that matter, portraying shoddy information is not only wrong but also unethical. So is the act of slapping or demeaning anyone. Do not support the case of ‘wrong cause-wrong effect’. Sometimes, taking the middle path is what rational when all you got on other two sides are nothing but sludge.

Dear Indians, wake up!!

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Shweta Kumari

Shweta is a writer, blogger, bookohlic, information seeker, women empowerment enthusiast, and a full-time mother. Her world revolves around her two boys - her kid and her husband. She is passionate about writing, reading, writing again, and then reading again…..and the cycle goes on.
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