Harit Bhasin: Walking on the beats

Harit Bhasin - a supremely talented musician, singer, and composer
Harit Bhasin is such a repertory of talent who dares to chase his dream despite enduring the hustle and bustle of his professional life. He has been scrambling with all the odds to uphold his belief ‘you can achieve anything if you want to’. Harit’s veins were inebriated in music since his early age. With growing age, music became his passion and passion became his religion. And this prodigious singer, musician and composer embarked on the sailing boat pursuing his journey of music.
Growing with serene musical atmosphere at home, Harit has been privileged to have the support from his immediate family. Passing through his exhilarated journey, he has announced his presence to various forums and platforms such as the Doordarshan serial “Chhutti Chhutti, performance at radio channel of FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), the Shilpotsva festival (which he considers his biggest achievement so far where he shared the stage with the legends like Ghulam Ali and Shreya Ghosal), singing for TV star Ragini Khanna at the launch of Sony Pal channel to name a few. He also has one spiritual album, ‘Maa Sherawali’ released by Neelam Cassettes, released to his credit.
Harit’s music revolves around the social causes and his songs justify his determination to the fullest. Composing and singing songs for the social causes such as promoting children’s education as part of the Aspiring For Children’s Education (ACE) initiative is close to his heart. He is also working on to make video of his songs and promote it to every corner in collaboration with various NGOs.
When we got into a casual conversation, I came to know more about his musical life.

Shweta: I know that you have been a part of various musical bands. What all bands you are involved with? And what role do you play generally in those bands?

Harit: I started associating with bands since 2008 when I was placed in Pune for my work. The band was Shloka. We composed our own songs revolving around the environmental theme such as global warming and child education. We performed at various events and roamed around places. But I had to discontinue with Shloka when I moved back to my hometown Delhi. But as you know that like attracts like , so it was easy to get in touch with other bands. That’s when I met with Infusion , a hindi fusion band. I have also been involved with popular groups like Jammers United of Delhi Etc (JUDE) as singer and Delhi Drum Circles as a percussionist. Currently I am also involved in the music club of IBM and perform in various events happening in IBM as a singer and keyboardist.


S: What genre do you prefer to sing? Is there any style of singing that you haven’t tried yet but would like to try?

H: Sufi songs are the ones which my soul calls first. I also take delight in Bollywood numbers. By far, I haven’t explored the facets of English rock music and would definitely try it sometime soon.


S: You are a trained classical singer. How mandatory in your view is the knowledge of classical singing for a mainstream singer?

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H: Yes, I have learned classical singing from my music teacher, Mrs Sudesh Mishra, during my school days from The Air Force School in Delhi. I started learning music even before my 6th birthday. Well, that’s what is told by my parents as I frankly don’t remember how old I was then. I completed my graduation in Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti affiliated to Allahabad University during that time.

The importance of classical singing cannot be confiscated by any dedicated singer. One cannot turn down their thumb to classical music if they want to hone their singing tonal quality, and synchronizing sur and taal (notes and beats). These qualities are critical to a musician or a singer.


S: Tell us about your music-making process in brief.

H: The process starts with identifying the lyrics of the song, and based on the essence of the lyrics, I compose the melody of the song. I keep trying until I reach to my touching tune. I am not alone in this effort though. My keyboard gives me company as long as I want. So, what else, we both keep trying and exploring until we settle down to a perfect tune.


S: How many live performances have you given so far? What all forums/platforms do you perform generally? And what is your favorite platform?

H: I must have given 100+ live performances on stage. It is an awesome experience to be in front of supportive and cheering crowd. I love singing for enthusiastic music lovers. I perform in corporate events, in community musical events like community drum circles, or in events related to social causes. I have performed in Nehru Park for the initiative Delhi Come Out and Vote by Flavor of Art Foundation, and also in Noida Stadium in the cultural festival, and then there is Shilpotsav which happens every year. There is nothing like ‘favorite’ as such. I like singing, no matter what the place or occasion is. You name it, I’ll be there.


S: What challenges do you generally face during live performances? Have you ever been in a situation where you or other member of the band made any mistake on stage? How do you handle such situations?

H: The key challenges we face in live performances are related to logistics because having a good sound setup is crucial for better sound quality and thus better audience experience. Other than that, as far as mistake is concerned, it happens once in a while that we make a mistake on stage, but the important thing is to cover up and not make it visible to the audience, and that’s what the strongest quality of a strong band is. As a band we all count on each other, hence blame-game has got no place among us. Cover up the mistake and move on. Continue playing and stay positive at all times. Our audience is our aim, our God. We focus on engaging with them and make them move.


S: Whom do you consider your role model?

H: The singers I admire the most are Sonu Nigam and Shaan. Another major influence on me has been Raghu Dixit, the way he sings and performs is mind blowing, also I get inspired the way he has expanded and grown as a musician over the years.

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S: You have your dedicated full-time job and family. How do you manage your time for your music? How do you keep yourself rejuvenated?

H: See, job and family are the worldly truths that cannot be ignored. My family in fact is like my battery charger. If you have passion for something, it will find its own way. So, whatever free time I get or I make, I use it for music. Take the commute time for example. Delhi’s traffic gives me ample 3 hours of time for my additional riyaaz. Sounds funny, isn’t it? Moreover, my weekends are for my music. Music itself, in any form, is a great means of rejuvenating yourself, it takes you to a different world altogether. It does its work of motivation.


S: What advice would you like to give to aspiring singers and musicians?

H: My one-piece-advice would be to never let go of your passion. Keep on pursuing it. You got to protect it. You will definitely realise your dream one fine day. Also, invest yourself in classical music, that would help you polish your singing skills.


S: What are your future plans? Do you have any plan to form your own band, own album, travel across different cities or countries?

H: I have many self-composed songs ready now, and I am in process of making videos of those songs. Traveling abroad with my own band? Hmm. Let’s see if it’s there on the cards. Also, I am yet to get my break into the entertainment industry, so working hard on that front as well.


Amen. We wish you all the best Harit. And I cannot thank you enough for your time. Awaitng your video albums ardently .
If you want to know more about Harit, log on to his personal page. Connect with him and know his latest updates on Facebook.

Do not give up. Protect your dreams. Enjoy the journey to your destination.”

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