Don’t Let Yourself Be Pluto

Image: Stuart Miles from
Image: Stuart Miles from


Just until few years back, Pluto was one of the known nine planets in our Solar System. Then the astronomers discovered the evidences of more number of stellar objects that possess same ice-rock mixture, and same or more mass than that of Pluto. Pluto soon lost its eccentricity and dwindled in the crowd of other similar freshly found cosmic substances. Eventually, Pluto was erased from the list of “known planets in our Solar System” and was demoted to the list of “dwarf planet”.

This scenario bears a metaphorical resemblance to our life. An associate known to be indispensable today could be considered redundant tomorrow and let go. Once considered the most important person in one’s life could be replaced the other day. A skill considered hot in market today could be tagged as obsolete tomorrow. We keep getting eclipsed with this anxiety every now and then. There comes a moment when one feels completely worthless. When it happens or you presume it to happen in near future, the feeling of triviality overwhelms you. Apparently, the sensation of nonexistence engulfs you to such an extent that it becomes palpable in your act, behavior, and body languages. You start feeling extremely expendable personally or professionally or both.

What can be done about this? Although it is not always possible not to let this feeling overpower you, but you can certainly do something to confront it as soon as it starts surfacing.

Acceptance. Firstly, accept that this feeling is common and delusional. Like many other negative vibes this too will fade away. There will always be someone doing better than you, looking better than you, living better life than you. In short, there will always be a “better than you” or “better than yours”. But this does not imply that you are understated. Someone else’s possessions cannot be a measure of your worthiness. Believe that everyone has got their own area of expertise. He is he, she is she, and you are YOU. You cannot replace them and they cannot replace you.
Smell the coffee. Once you make a peace with the above fact, next take a deep breath, relax, and take a break for a while. After the refreshing break, sit down with a pen and a paper. Jot down everything that you think you need to improve upon. Whether it be related to your work, relationship, communications, professional skills, appearance or anything that pops in your brain. Make a list of all items that you would like to pursue in order to boost your self-esteem. Channelizing your thoughts on these analyses is a positive exercise and work for your mind.
Time to act. Once you have filtered and prioritized your list, translate that into achievable goals or actionable items. Start hitting your list items one by one. Day by day, moment by moment, your skills will be sharpened. When you learn something new, you feel happy, engaged, and empowered.
Get an edge. Today’s world is continuously evolving and advancing. To survive in this demanding environment, the key is to be adaptive. By being adaptive, it means that keep updating and upgrading yourself. Get your cutting edge skills honed. Think like a black horse.
Stay happy. And last but not the least, be jubilant. Inner happiness is the sole energy and motivating factor to look forward in life.

Remember every entity in this universe has its significance. Remain positive, lively, healthy, and hard-working!!


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