Defend Yourself By Playing Safe

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More and more women are falling prey of the crime. Is there anything that we could do about it? The best step that we could take it to take preventive measures to protect ourselves. These can be done by remaining cognitive and alert. Be awake to spot, avoid and to report any suspicious dangerous situation.


Keep looking around: when you walk, keep your head high. Make eye contacts with the people in surrounding. Do not try to show aghast or fear on your face. Doing this would show that you are fearless, alert and confident. Try to spot any criminal who could possibly harm you.

When you are out at night: if you are traveling in your own vehicle then try to park in a well lit area such as near a store or in a crowded place. Avoid going to any deserted area no matter what the urgency is.

In a parking place: approach your parked car from the back side and step back. Check your back seat and under your car to ensure there is nothing suspicious. If at all there is anything out of the ordinary, take help of surrounding person to walk with you.

Keep some weapons with you: by weapons, I don’t mean the pistol or gun. There are various instrument available at your disposal that you could use. Some examples include a nail cutter with knife, pepper spray, needles, scissors, sharpened card or any sharp edge object, etc. Use your wisdom to think how and what you could use for your self defense.

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Teach your kids: start teaching your kids about dangerous situations and how to tackle them. Play different games to increase their situational awareness. Pay attention to your kids’ warning and dismissal signs if he or she doesn’t want to be someone or doesn’t want to go somewhere, DO NOT ignore them. Kids are better at picking up the warning sign that adults. I encourage every parent to put their kid(s) in some martial art classes. Believe me, it will be gift to your kid when they grow up, especially for a girl child.

While confrontation target sensitive areas of the enemy: try not to waste your time to hit him on his chest, it’ll do no harm to him with your tiny forces. Rather try these:

  • Pinch your fingertips together and go straight to his eyes.
  • Ram your knee up between his legs as if to lift him by his testicles.
  • If he is behind you, jab your elbow to his face or solar plexus.
  • If he is on his knee, plant your knee on his head.
  • If you both are on ground, get on your side as if you are doing leg-lifts. Stabilize yourself with your arms and use your top leg to kick target areas such as head, eyes, and groin.
  • Do not get distracted by what he says. Keep fighting with any possible weapon you get.

Self-defense strategy should not be used with the intention of harming someone unnecessarily. This is to guard you. Most importantly, believe in yourself that you are worth for fighting and you can fight. Plan for the strategies to tackle such situations in advance.

Keep asking these questions to yourself:

  • How will I deal with this situation if it happens with me right now?
  • What action would I take?
  • What kind of weapon I would use?


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We, as a woman, have to be extremely prudent in judging a stranger and prepare ourselve the best. Stay strong, stay safe!!


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